PAO(OR) Army Air Defence Pay Slip 2021 | Monthly Payslip Of AAD

PAO Army Air Defence Pay Slip 2021:- Same as others, defence security wings in India, the Army Air Defence Pay Slip has also gone online. Monthly pay slip of Indian army Air Defence is handled by an independent body and every month pay slip is uploaded online for the convenience of our soldiers and senior officers at their official website. In this article, you will see Army Air Defence and How To Check Army Air Defence Pay Slip Online. 


The important security wing Army Air Defence is recognized commonly as AAD in the country. It is

an important task for combative formation with the Indian Air Defences in the condition of threat

from foreign nations. The prime responsibility of Army Air Defence Corps is to safeguard Indian airspace during any war from missiles and aircraft of our enemy attackers specifically below 5,000 feet. The color to recognize them is Sky blue & Red and it has over 84,000 soldiers.


AAD (Army Air Defense), Which Colours are Used to Signify Army Air Defence? The colours used to signify Army Air Defence (AAD) is Sky blue and Red. A Brief on Army Air Defence College Spread in the region of over 2700 acres, the Army Air Defence College is equipped with the latest equipment, facilities, weapons, infrastructure, and green environment. It is also popularly known as

AADC. It is the training centre for AD soldiers including personnel from Air Force, CISF, and Navy.

The Army Air Defence College is situated in Gopalpur, Odisha.


Check Monthly Payslip Of Indian Army Air Defence(AAD)


Any soldier or officer of any rank can visit the dedicated portal online to check his army air defence pay slip for the current month or previous month depending on his need of the payslip.

The process for Army Air Defence Pay Slip Check is worry-free and simple. You need to make use

of your User-name along with the created password in order to log in your account successfully.

After, you are done with the login; you are required to follow the recommended steps to avail the

facility of Army Air Defence Pay Slip Check online round the clock.

Download Army Air Defence pay slip app For Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Monthly Salary Slip

The technical team of Army has developed a user-friendly app for the defence personnel to help

them take the advantage of Army Air Defence pay slip app anywhere and at any has varied

features that are beneficial for the soldiers posted at the different locations in the country.

The users from Army Air Defence can download the Army Air Defence pay slip app on their Android

supported smartphone and avail the attractive features online 24×7. It is absolutely free and is not

for the civilians.

Downloading Monthly Army Air Defence Pay Slip of 2021

The process to download Monthly Pay Slip of Army Air Defence is certainly very easy and can be

easily used by any member. There is no technical knowledge or expertise required for it. Before you go for the Monthly Pay Slip of Army Air Defence downloading, make sure you have your user name, password and other essential detail handy. Also, make sure you do not enter the wrong password repeatedly as it can block your account for 24 to 48 hours.


How to Print or Download AAD Pay Slip


Let us know the steps to print or download Monthly Pay Slip of Army Air Defense online. View, Download, Print, Save your payslip every month by follow these easy steps of how to print or download AAD payslip online.


Simply select My Payroll, in the Payroll menu on the official Army portal for payslip

Click on the Tab of Pay slip

Enter log in credentials and login successfully

Select the month for which you want the pay slip to be downloaded

You can save your payslip or print by opening it in another tab.

Proceed further to save as PDF or Print the payslip


Thus, Army Air Defence (AAD) is also playing the highly essential role with total devotion and serving the nation with bravery. It is an important division of the Indian Defence System.


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