iosms primary school payslip

Primary Teacher IOSMS Payslip 2020 | Download, Generate pay slip

Primary Teacher IOSMS Payslip 2020:- View IOSMS Pay Slip For Primary Teacher online. Check, download, generate primary teacher salary slip easily from pay slip 2020-2021. Everything You Should Know About IOSMS refers to Integrated Salary Management System. It is one of the integrated systems that is designed and developed by the NIC, West Bengal. Now Pay slip download for primary teacher West Bengal made easy by the use of the technology system. Employees can now take the unlimited advantage of it.

The system is an efficient inventiveness undertaken by The School Education Department of the Government of West Bengal set up in order to process all the employee-related HR activities to both Secondary and Primary teachers, under a single virtual architecture which is completely designed and developed by the National Information Center, West Bengal. All education department employees can download primary teacher pay slip anytime and from anywhere.

With the prior introduction of the iOSMS, the governing body was OSMS (Salary Management System). Before an integrated system was set up, the process followed for payment of the salary to the employee of the Government Aided/ Sponsored schools in West Bengal was a manual method. Now you can easily go for the downloading of IOSMS Payslip for the primary teacher through the payslip 2020-2021.

IOSMS Primary Payslip Download | All Months Salary Details

What did the manual method for payment entail? The manual method was that the Head of the Institutions had to first submit the monthly salary bill called the requisition to the concerned office if the DI/ADI. The concerned personnel of the office will first check the bill and then he will prepare a consolidated bill both school-wise and fund-wise.

They will submit the confirmation to the concerned treasury. After the cheque is cleared by the treasury, the approval of the consolidated cheque was sent to the school-wise lead bank and this will then be transferred to the concerned school’s bank account.

The technology introduced has made primary teacher payslip generation hassle-free. This bank account is called the salary account. After the school authorities received the transfer from the lead bank, they will then transfer or credit the salary to the employees.

This process was very time consuming and the entire manual approach for it entailed a lot of errors by the concerned officers and so it was replaced by the iOSMS or the Integrated Salary Management System. 

Pay Slip 2020-2021 Download For Primary Teacher West Bengal

iosms primary school payslip

How the iOSMS replace the manual method of salary credit to the employees? The iOSMS pay slip 2020-2021 is a great method for crediting the salary of the employees by NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) to the individual employees on the 1st day of every month without any delay. This method is very cost-effective and does not involve any manual errors since the process is entirely electronic.

The pilot system ensures that the employees get their salary on a timely basis without involving any errors. Users can explore payslip 2020-21 for more information.

With the iOSMS sever, an employee can easily view their payslip and even download it from the server. Not only this but through the iOSMS system will credit your salary to your account on the 1st of every month. The system integrated all the secondary and primary teachers in West Bengal to access an online portal for all their salary-related queries.

How To Login For IOSMS Primary Teacher Pay Slip Generation 

In order to proceed with the primary teacher payslip generation, you need to create a login account. Follow the following process to login into the iOSMS system:

iosms primary school payslip

  • First visit the official website of
  • Enter all personal details like the username, user type, password, and the CAPTCHA code.
  • Then click on the Login tab
  • You need to all fill out the type of user before you register yourself. The various options include State level user, district-level user, subdivision level user, cricket level user, school-level user, and webmaster.

How to generate iOSMS pay slip

First we need to generate your iOSMS payslip for the primary teacher followed by other steps. In order to do so, enter your date of birth, mobile number, year, and month for which you want to generate your payslip.

After that generate primary teacher payslip follow the following steps:

  • First visit the official website
  • Enter all your details correctly
  • Click on the submit tab

After you click on submit you will be redirected to the webpage that will show you your payslip 2020-21.

Click on the iOSMS payslip download option and save it for your future reference. The process to check, download, save and print a copy of pay slip for any month has been made very easy for Primary & Secondary teachers employed in the state West Bengal.

At present, there is no need for West Bengal teacher to struggle anywhere to download a copy of pay slip because the administration has already introduced the online integrated system for IOSMS Pay slip download round the clock. Experience it right now!

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