How To Check Indian Army Payslip Rank Wise 2024

Indian Army Payslip 2024: – Check Indian army salary by rank(Clerk, GD, Tradesman, Technical, NA, Sepoy) and also check Indian army salary Details -2024. The remarkable development in the internet-based services brought the solution to the problem of payslip and today not only Army personnel but also individuals employed in any security wings can download, view or print/her salary slip without any difficulty.

Some common questions regarding to Indian army payslip which rise any person’s mind:

Q1. What is the monthly Indian army payslip ?

Q2. What is the salary of an Indian army jawan?

Q3. What is the salary slip of a major in the Indian Army?

Q4. What is the salary slip of a soldier?

Q5. What is the highest paid Army (military) job?

Q6. What is the salary slip of a soldier clerk in the Indian army?

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Indian Army Payslip

About Indian Army Salary Slip

A Salary Slip is a summarized legal proof of your monthly earnings. It includes the descriptions related to the in-hand income earned after the calculation of exemptions, allowances, deductions, taxes, and more. The components and amount in a Salary Slip differ from person to person and company to company. Get Indian army soldier GD, Clerk, NA rank wise 7th pay commission monthly salary details.

If you have the courage to join the Indian Army then the Indian Army has a better life for you. After the 7th Pay Commission, an Indian Army officers salary slip has increased. Not only pay scales, there are many allowances for Indian Army officers too. And the salary of a lieutenant in the Indian army after the 7th pay commission.

Candidates who want to check online Indian army salary easily. A monthly payslip is also available online, which is generally provided to the hired team members working on the company payroll. There are numerous use and advantages of a salary slip and hence every employee has the right to demand it. A salary slip is often referred to as a payslip.

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Significance of a Salary Slip

  1. It acts as legal proof of earnings made after the essential deduction received every month. It can be used for many purposes.
  2. It will help you to know the amount of money deducted towards your tax liability and also know how much you can claim back on filing Income Tax Returns.
  3. A salary slip helps you learn about the different types of bank loan you can avail.
  4. A salary slip is an important document required for any type of bank loan.
  5. The loan amount is sanctioned on the basis of the earnings made by you
  6. A payslip or salary slip also acts as an important tool on the basis of which your new employer decided your new remuneration. The percentage of salary hike depends generally on the current salary drawn.
  7. In the condition of divorce, the amount of alimony to be paid is also decided on the basis of a payslip in the case of an employed individual.
  8. It also entitles you to enjoy certain allowances facilitated by the government in the form of subsidy, medical benefits, subsidized food grains, and more. 

Indian army salary after 7th pay commission

                            Rank Pay-Scale In Hand Salary Per Month
Indian Army Constable Salary Level 3 21,700
Indian Army Lance Nayak Salary Level 3 21,700
Indian Army Salary Level 4 25,500
Indian Army Sergeant Salary Level 5 29,000
Indian Army Naib Subedar Salary Level 6 35,400
Indian Army Subedar Salary Level 7 44,900
Indian Army Subedar Major Salary Level 8 47,600
Indian Army Lieutenant Salary Level 10 56,100
Indian Army Captain Salary Level 10B 61,300
Indian Army Chief Salary Level 11 69,400
Indian Army Lieutenant Colonel Salary Level 12 1,21,000
Indian Army Colonel Salary Level 13 1,30,600
Indian Army Brigadier Salary Level 13 A 1,39,600
Indian Army Major General Salary Level 14 1,44,200
Indian Army Lieutenant General Salary Level 15 1,82,200
Indian Army General Salary Level 18 2,50,000

The Key Components of a Indian Army  Salary Slip

The components in a salary slip may vary and depends also on the organization. The benefits and deductions made can also vary from one another because of certain terms or policies made by the respective state government.

The different components in a salary slip are: 

  • Allowances 
  • Basic Salary 
  • house rent allowance (HRA)
  • conveyance allowance
  • medical allowance
  • special allowance
  • leave travel allowance
  • insurance benefits
  • miscellaneous
  • Deduction
  • income tax
  • provident fund (PF)
  • professional tax
  • state specific tax
  • labour welfare tax 

Understanding your Salary Slip/PaySlip

Cost to Company (CTC) – it is the total amount that can be calculated monthly or yearly. CTC is the total money spent on a particular employee employed in any organization in a year. It is calculated taking into consideration the salary paid and the additional benefits paid in the form of the varied types of allowances paid to employees in a company.

Gross pay – is the amount that does not include any kind of deduction.

Net pay or in-hand salary – it is the amount displayed in a payslip after all the deductions made by the company to comply with the compliance.

Download or View Indian Army Salary Slip/Payslip

Now Army personnel can download their salary slip for any month at a few click of mouse. The official website for the military is

The organization now uploads the monthly salary slip on the official website for the users to enjoy worry-free access to their payslip from any location at their own comfortable time.

How to Download Indian Army Salary Slip Rank Wise

You just need to follow the below-given process and steps:

  • Visit with your login details in hand
  • Click on Login  and select the relevant option from “Army Login” or “Unit Login” or “Admin Login”
  • Enter your Army number and click on the Submit button
  • Select the month for the payslip you need and submit to open it
  • The payslip will open
  • View, Save, download, or print your salary slip instantly

You can explore our website frequently for the latest information on the Salary of the Indian army Jawan, the Indian Army Salary Slip, and others.

Indian Army Payslip Forgot Password

Go to the given link, where you get the login box on the right column of the website, then you are prompted to enter the login details, see forgot password below user or Forgot username link, you just need to click on this option, if you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgotten password option or if you have forgotten your username, click on the forgotten username. By applying this process you can easily and quickly retrieve your details(Indian Army Password or Username).

Know Military Service Pay Scale(MSP) after 7th Pay commission

  • Non-combatants in the air force present pay is 6000 proposed is 15500
  • A nursing officer’s present pay is 4200 proposed is 10800
  • JCO/ORs present pay is 2000 proposed is 5200
  • Service officer’s present pay is 6000 proposed is 15500

Career Prospective Reason: Why We Join Indian Army 

As we all know, first comes to everyone’s mind. Why do we do that job? What are the benefits of joining the Indian Army? It is right for us or not, just chill dude, we are here to show you all the benefits of the Indian army.

Indian Army Always serves the nation, and takes every action for the nation, we all have great salute for those, if you are a little bit confused about joining the Indian army, so read carefully, here we show you all the allowance of the Indian army and Indian army salary structure. Our Indian army soldier’s life is very struggling but the government takes care of their struggle, they provide all types of facilities for them and their family members also.

  1. Job Security
  2. You get benefits after retirement
  3. Indian Army Salary benefits
  4. You can apply for higher studies
  5. Keep you Fit Forever
  6. Give you a unique identity

Indian Army Facilities

  • Accommodation
  • Canteen Facilities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Educational Facilities


Q1. How to download the Indian Army Pay Slip Rank Wise?

Ans. Go to the official website of the Indian Army, you should have login credentials, there you get 3 options “Army Login”, “Unit Login” and “Admin Login”. Enter your army number and submit. Now select the month for the Indian Army pay slip to open it. Finally, you can see the payslip on your system screen. You can save it or download the Indian Army Pay Slip Online PDF.

Q2. How can I view my Indian Army payment?

Ans. For check, visit the official website of the Indian Army or check your salary slip.

Q3. What is the pay scale of an Indian Army soldier?

Ans. The Indian Army soldier pay scale is Rs 5200-Rs 20,000, grade pay is Rs 1800 and army service pay is Rs 2000.

Q4. How do you open a Hamraaz payslip?
Ans. The following steps for downloading and opening a hamraaz payslip are

  1. Go to the hamraaz official website or you can download its official app.
  2. Now enter the user id and password, fill in the given captcha then click on submit.
  3. After this, on the next page, a drop-down menu will appear to you and you should find Payslip/Form 16 in the list and just click on it.
  4. And finally, after this, you have to choose the month and then click on the download payslip.
  5. Find the payslip from the downloaded file on your phone and just click to open it.

Q5. What is the latest version of the Hamraaz app?

Ans.   The current version of hamraaz app is 7.1

Q6. Is Army salary tax-free?

Ans. Yes, the army salary is taxed. And this is not because of any political reason but because of a simple provision being followed since our independence. But other military pay things like housing allowances, combat pay, or cost-of-living adjustments aren’t taxed.

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