How to Download Payslip Process – BSF, CISF, ITBP, PAO, DSC, CRPF Employee Pay Slip 2021

How to Download Payslip Process:- It was observed that people working in the PAO GREF, UP Police Payslip, AIMS Indian Railway Payslip, BRO, BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, DSC, Army Air Defence Payslip 2021 and other defence organizations were required to struggle for their Salary slips. They used to be curious to know the detail of the different variables added, deducted, and the components used to calculate their monthly pay.

But because of the unavailability of Indian Army Salary slip, it was not possible to get the description of the net salary transferred in their bank account updated with the respective departments.

Download or View BSF Salary Slip/Payslip

Now BSF personnel are not required to worry. The department has made the hassle-free facility of online payslip management. Every single user will get salary slip online. All our Border Security Force employees can view, print or download a copy of payslip with the great ease. Border Security Force candidates can get their payslip anywhere and at any time. You need to login online on the dedicated BSF website using your own user id (IRLA) and password.

Follow the below process to download BSF payslip:

  • Keep your login credentials handy
  • !BVisit – the official BSF websit4
  • On clicking the link, you will be redirected to the login page
  • Look for Pay GPF/CPF option on the Menu Bar
  • Once you click on it, you will redirected to another page that has Sign in option
  • Click on sign in and the box will open that will ask you to enter your log in credentials
  • Log in with your Username and Password to view or download your Payslip.
  • Select the month for which you need the payslip
  • Click on print for the hard copy after submit button
  • Your date of birth (DOB) is used as Password and IRLA number as your Username
  • Make sure you do not share your login credentials with stranger

How to Download or View ITBP pay slip 2021

ITBP is one of the biggest paramilitary force of Indian army. Indo Tibetan Border Police Force short form is ITBP or ITBPF. Personnel who freshly recruit in this semi-police force of Indian army and don’ t know about the process of “How to download or view ITBP pay slip” you all are free to download it online by self.  Loot at below and follow these easy steps to display/ view/ download/ print Indian army monthly pay slip.

  • The employee of ITBP visit at
  • Hereafter enter the login details(username and password) and verify i am human being.
  • Then click on the submit button.
  • Just after you will redirect on your personal payslip.
  • Download or take screenshot or hard copy of your payslip.

View or Download PAO GREF Payslip 2021

PAO GREF payslip 2021 PDF is easy to view online, personnel who want to download monthly payslip of PAO GREF, but don’t know how they download it. Look at below and follow these easy steps of how to download pao gref from 16.

  • Visit at
  • Enter Username, Password and verification code.
  • Hereafter click on login button.
  • Then you will see official payslip soft copy on your system screen.
  • Download or print it for further use.

View or Download BRO Employee payslip 2021

  • Employee of BRO(Border Roads Organization) Visit at
  • Hereafter you see a small form of two field.
  • In this field first you select period secondly enter the 6 digint GO/ GS number.
  • Then click on Submit button.
  • After clicking on submit button you will see a complete payslip structure in your system screen.

View Or Download CISF Payslip 2021

Personnel of CISF, download cisf employee corner payslip online using how to check CISF payslip login. CISF payslip 2021 download easy steps are available here is this article. Get complete process of how to download Indian army CISF payslip and view/ print hard copy of your payslip via simple downloading steps.

  • Visit at official website of
  • Click on Employees Corner Link.
  • Enter the User ID and Password for login
  • Hereafter click on Login option.
  • Your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format is your password to download CISF.
  • Check your Salary Slip on the CISF Payslip login page online
  • CISF Candidates, you can download, print or view your payslip as per your need.

View Or Download CRPF Payslip 2021

Download CRPF monthly Payslip– January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December payslip of CRPF. Employee of Central Reserve Police Force are eligible to download their salary slip 2021 by self. Gets ready to download it, newly recruited employee of CRPF, follow these easy steps and download your monthly salary details in brief.

  • Visit at official website of CRPF pay slip login.
  • Click on employee login.
  • Enter the user name and password.
  • Hit on login button.
  • Just after doing that you will redirect on CRPF home view payslip page
  • here you able to see a complete monthly payment detail in your system screen.
  • After viewing monthly payslip of CRPF, Employee totally free to save it(in your system), download it or print it for future use.

View Or Download DSC Payslip 2021

Personnel of Defence Security Corps are you ready to download DSC monthly payslip online. Employee of DSC department, whether they recruit in any post are eligible to download DSC pay slip from official website of DSC. Newly recruited staff of DSC download it easily by follow these given steps.

  • You need to visit
  • Once the page opens, click on Army unit login
  • Now you need to enter your password and Unit code. (If you don’t remember your password, click on forgot password and recovery facility will be made available)
  • In the case of DSC payslip, you need to contact your Administrator for your forgot password solution.
  • Click on “Submit Button” after entering your DSC payslip login credentials.
  • You will be able to view see your payslip on your computer system screen after your click on the Submit Button.
  • Now you can view, download or print as required.

View Or Download UP Police Payslip 2021

From here check Everything About UP Police Constable(Con) Pay Slip/ Salary Slip and UPP Payslip Biodata, Nominal Roll, Con Payslip. India is the seventh largest independent republic country in Asia. A lot of government and private organization actively work inside like the Indian Police, Indian Railways, Defence sector of India (which includes Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy) and all.

  • Step 1: Login on Uttar Pradesh police Nominal roll system
  • Step 2: Enter your personal number, choose month, and year
  • Step 3: Click on show report
  • Step 4: Take a print out of your UP police pay slip.

View Or Download AIMS Indian Railway Payslip 2021

Download AIMS railway employee payslip, aims online salary slip using online AIMS Portal mobile app. Also check how to download process of AIMS railway salary slip is clearly mentioned in this article. All you learn more about the AIMS Indian Railway Payslip in this article.

  • If you want to view or download your AIMS railway salary slip click on the 2nd option stating salary. The user then gets two options, salary and yearly salary. When you click on salary, select the month, and the year in YYYYMM format. Click on the submit button.
  • You can easily download your monthly payslip by clicking on the “download payslip in PDF’ format. The salary slip is directly saved on your computer. You can then view it or print the salary statement anytime.
  • The same procedure has to be followed for the yearly salary statement. You just have to select the financial year for which you want your yearly salary system.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

Q1- How can I download  Indian Army DSC payslip?

Ans- Know here how you can check the Indian Army dsc payslip -Download DSC payslip online

Step1:- Open official website ,there you get three option about login account

Step2:- Login account type:-

Army Login Type

Unit Login Type

Admin login Type

So according to your account login type you can easily log in and check the DSC payslip.

Step3:-Forget Password, If any case you forget your password so in this situation you have to contact your Administrator and reset your password.


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